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解釋 #1
讀音: naam4 jan4 lou5 gau2
詞性: 名詞
(廣東話) 擁有某啲雄性特質嘅男人,例如豪邁、決斷、強悍、堅強、唔計較小事、唔怕蝕底
(英文) manly man; tough guy; generally, a man with stereotypical male qualities, such as being decisive, being strong, being able to withstand pain and losses, not being concerned with petty matters, etc.; literally: old dog man
(粵) 好心你男人老狗就咪咁小器啦! (hou2 sam1 nei5 naam4 jan4 lou5 gau2 zau6 mai5 gam3 siu2 hei3 laa1!)
(英) You're a man, don't argue over petty matters!
(粵) 男人老狗化乜妝呀? (naam4 jan4 lou5 gau2 faa3 mat1 zong1 aa3?)
(英) Why would a man want to put on makeup?
(粵) 大家男人老狗唔好收收埋埋,快啲講啦。 (daai6 gaa1 naam4 jan4 lou5 gau2 m4 hou2 sau1 sau1 maai4 maai4, faai3 di1 gong2 laa1.)
(英) Come on, we're grown men. Let's cut the crap, stop going round in circles and just talk.
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