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解釋 #1
讀音: baan1 maa5
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 揾救兵;叫啲𡃁、朋友或者叔伯兄弟嚟幫手
(英文) to call for back up; to call for followers to come and help
(粵) 對方咁多人,我哋唔夠揪㗎。你哋快啲班馬嚟幫拖! (deoi3 fong1 gam3 do1 jan4, ngo5 dei6 m4 gau3 cau1 gaa3. nei5 dei6 faai3 di1 baan1 maa5 lai4 bong1 to1!)
(英) They have many people, it is tough to beat them. Go ask the others to come and help immediately!
(粵) 星期日個活動唔夠人參加呀,班馬過嚟撐下場吖! (sing1 kei4 go3 wut6 dung6 m4 gau3 jan4 caam1 gaa1 aa3, baan1 maa5 gwo3 lai4 caang3 haa5 coeng4 aa1!)
(英) We're having too few participants for Sunday's event. Please call your friends to come and support!
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