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解釋 #1
讀音: zyu2 sei2
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 陷害、對付、告發一個人;警察捉到疑犯後,搵證據令佢入獄;有時會涉及誣告同堆砌假證供等;參考:煮重米
(英文) to setup, to pick on, to snitch on someone; after police officer has caught a suspect, to collect evidence and put him in jail; sometimes implies false accusation or made-up evidence; literally: to cook die
(粵) 我同你咁耐兄弟,點解你要煮死我? (ngo5 tung4 nei5 gam3 noi6 hing1 dai6, dim2 gaai2 nei5 jiu3 zyu2 sei2 ngo5?)
(英) We've been bros for long, why you set me up?
(粵) 淨係呢包粉已經夠煮死你,再口硬就鋤多你兩條襲警拒捕! (zing6 hai6 ni1 baau1 fan2 ji5 ging1 gau3 zyu2 sei2 nei5, zoi3 hau2 ngaang6 zau6 co4 do1 nei5 loeng5 tiu4 zaap6 ging2 keoi5 bou6!)
(英) Only this pack of powder is enough to put you in jail, you better be honest or we will file you two more charges on assaulting police officers and resisting arrest!
近義: 近義: 釘死 鋤死
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