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解釋 #1
讀音: sam1 jap6 cin2 ceot1
詞性: 語句
(廣東話) 用好淺、好易明嘅表達方法,去講啲好深嘅嘢出嚟
(英文) characterised by the use of simple and understandable terms to express difficult concepts
(粵) 呢本書深入淺出咁解釋咗愛因斯坦嘅相對論,冇乜物理底都睇得明。 (ni1 bun2 syu1 sam1 jap6 cin2 ceot1 gam2 gaai2 sik1 zo2 oi3 jan1 si1 taan2 ge3 soeng1 deoi3 leon6, mou5 mat1 mat6 lei5 dai2 dou1 tai2 dak1 ming4.)
(英) This book explains Einstein's profound theory of relativity in such an approachable way that even readers with relatively little background in physics will find it possible to understand.
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