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解釋 #1
讀音: cuk1 sau2 mou4 caak3
詞性: 語句
(廣東話) 完全搵唔到方法解決問題
(英文) unable to find a way out; at someone's wits end; literally "to be bound by the hands and no plan"
(粵) 到目前為止,醫生對呢種新病依然束手無策。 (dou3 muk6 cin4 wai4 zi2, ji1 sang1 deoi3 ni1 zung2 san1 beng6 ji1 jin4 cuk1 sau2 mou4 caak3.)
(英) Up until now, doctors have still not found any way to treat this new disease.
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