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解釋 #1
讀音: jat6 je6
詞性: 語句
(廣東話) 由朝到晚都係噉,冇停過(中間會重覆相應動詞或者動詞詞組)
(英文) day and night; literally: day ... night ... ("..." substituted by the same verb or verbal phrase)
配詞 / 用法:
(粵) 日哦夜哦 (jat6 ngo4 je6 ngo6)
(英) to nag day and night; literally: day nag night nag
(粵) 日做夜做似隻狗 (jat6 zou6 je6 zou6 ci5 zek3 gau2.)
(英) to work day and night like a dog; literally: day do night do like a dog
(粵) 日防夜防,家賊難防 (jat6 fong4 je6 fong4, gaa1 caak6 naan4 fong4)
(英) it is difficult to defend against a dishonest or treacherous insider, such as a hidden traitor and a spy; literally: one can defend night and day but it is hard to defend against a thief from one's own family
(粵) 你哋咁樣日嘈夜嘈唔係辦法㗎喎,不如坐低心平氣和咁傾啦。 (nei5 dei6 gam2 joeng2 jat6 cou4 je6 cou4 m4 hai6 baan6 faat3 gaa3 wo3, bat1 jyu4 co5 dai1 sam1 ping4 hei3 wo3 gam2 king1 laa1.)
(英) You couldn't solve the problem by arguing every day and night. Why not sit down and talk peacefully instead?
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