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解釋 #1
讀音: fong3 seoi2
詞性: 動詞
標籤: 俚語
  1. (廣東話) 男性屙尿揸水
    (英文) (of males) to urinate; to take a leak; literally: to release water
    (粵) 我去廁所放水先。 (ngo5 heoi3 ci3 so2 fong3 seoi2 sin1.)
    (英) I'm going to the toilet to pee.

  2. (廣東話) 比賽嗰陣唔盡全力、暗中讓賽
    (英文) to intentionally perform poorly and allow others to easily win a game
    (粵) 呢場波比數咁高,擺明有人放水啦! (ni1 coeng4 bo1 bei2 sou3 gam3 gou1, baai2 ming4 jau5 jan4 fong3 seoi2 laa1!)
    (英) This match has obviously been fixed, with the score run up so high.

  3. (廣東話) 私底下用自己嘅身份或者職位嚟予人方便,有意通融,尤其係洩漏情報(通水
    (英文) to benefit someone, particularly leaking information, by taking advantage of his identity or failing one's official duties
    (粵) 我母校試過有老師通水畀學生,提升班內合格率。 (ngo5 mou5 haau6 si3 gwo3 jau5 lou5 si1 tung1 seoi2 bei2 hok6 saang1, tai4 sing1 baan1 noi6 hap6 gaak3 leot2.)
    (英) A teacher in my alma mater leaked the questions of a(n) quiz/test/exam in order to raise the passing rate in the class.
    (粵) 班賊咁易得手?係咪有人放水啊? (baan1 caak2 gam3 ji6 dak1 sau2? hai6 mai6 jau5 jan4 fong3 seoi2 aa3?)
    (英) How come the robbers made it so easily? Did someone within us help them privately?

  4. (廣東話) 批出款項
    (英文) to approve a sum of money
    (粵) 政府今個財政年度水浸,計劃向各部門放水。 (zing3 fu2 gam1 go3 coi4 zing3 nin4 dou6 seoi2 zam3, gai3 waak6 hoeng3 gok3 bou6 mun4 fong3 seoi2.)
    (英) The government, with a huge revenue this financial year, plans to offer grants to its departments.
    (粵) 銀行唔放水,樓價點會升? (ngan4 hong4 m4 fong3 seoi2, lau4 gaa3 dim2 wui5 sing1?)
    (英) How would the property price rise if banks do not approve loans?

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