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解釋 #1
讀音: laai1 haak3
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 響街上面主動行埋去其他人度,招攬顧客,例如酒店職員響機場拉遊客去住佢間酒店
(英文) to solicit customers, usually used to describe how street vendors or salespeople force themselves upon those passing by; literally: to pull customers
(粵) 旺角有好多人響度拉客,捉住人唔放直至佢哋肯買佢啲嘢為止。 (wong6 gok3 jau5 hou2 do1 jan4 hoeng2 dou6 laai1 haak3, zuk1 zyu6 jan4 m4 fong3 zik6 zi3 keoi5 dei6 hang2 maai5 keoi5 di1 je5 wai4 zi2.)
(英) There are a lot of people soliciting customers, and would not let go unless they yeilded to buy whatever they are selling.
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