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解釋 #1
讀音: pai1 dau3
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 中國文革時期嘅一種活動,通常會公開指住人嚟鬧、抄佢家、要人跪玻璃,甚至殺人。被批鬥嘅人被迫公開承認違背毛澤東思想嘅「過失」,受盡凌辱。
    (英文) to criticize somebody in a "struggle session". "Struggle sessions" were a form of public humiliation during the Cultural Revolution period in China, where victims were forced to confess to "crimes" against Communist dogma in front of a public audience, who often verbally and physically abused the victims. The victims often suffered physical injuries, confiscation of property, and even death.
    (粵) 批鬥地主!打倒反革命分子! (pai1 dau3 dei6 zyu2! daa2 dou2 faan2 gaak3 ming6 fan6 zi2!)
    (英) "Struggle" the landowners! Down with the anti-revolutionaries!

  2. (廣東話) 猛烈批評,尤其指一班人猛烈批評被認為係偏離正統思想嘅人。
    (英文) to criticize harshly and collectively as a group, often against people who are thought to be politically incorrect or have strayed from the orthodoxy
    (粵) 你篇文章嘅觀點咁前衞,小心俾人批鬥。 (nei5 pin1 man4 zoeng1 ge3 gun1 dim2 gam3 cin4 wai6, siu2 sam1 bei2 jan4 pai1 dau3)
    (英) The viewpoints in your essay are so avant-garde -- beware heavy criticism.

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