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「打卡 / 打咭」

解釋 #1
  • 打卡 daa2 kaat1
  • 打咭 daa2 kaat1
詞性: 動詞
  1. (廣東話) 利用特定儀器喺紀錄卡上記低到達或離開一個地方嘅動作;通常記錄嘅係返工同放工嘅時間
    (英文) to clock in or out; to record the time one arrives at work or leaves work
    (粵) 佢每朝都係第一個打卡返工。 (keoi5 mui5 ziu1 dou1 hai6 dai6 jat1 go3 daa2 kaat1 faan1 gung1.)
    (英) He is always the first to arrive at the office.

  2. (廣東話) 透過手機應用程式,喺網上發佈自己身處地點嘅資料
    (英文) to check in on/with an app (i.e. to disclose the location information of one's own whereabouts through online media)
    (粵) 成日用手機打卡,你啲私隱無晒喇。 (seng4 jat6 jung6 sau2 gei1 daa2 kaat1, nei5 di1 si1 jan2 mou5 saai3 laa3.)
    (英) You have no privacy at all, since you always check-in on an app.

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