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解釋 #1
讀音: mong4
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 好多嘢做,冇空閒、休息嘅時間
(英文) to be busy; to be tied up
(粵) 你呢排忙啲咩呢? (nei5 ni1 paai4 mong4 di1 me1 ne1?)
(英) What are you busy with lately?
(粵) 呢排勁多嘢做,我真係好忙。 (ni1 paai4 ging6 do1 je5 zou6, ngo5 zan1 hai6 hou2 mong4.)
(英) I have a lot to do recently, I'm really tied up.
(粵) 我忙緊功課啊,唔好阻住我啦。 (ngo5 mong4 gan2 gung1 fo3 aa3, m4 hou2 zo2 zyu6 ngo5 laa1.)
(英) I am busy with my assignments, please don't bother me.
(粵) 佢忙咗成日,嘢都冇乜點食過。 (keoi5 mong4 zo2 seng4 jat6, je5 dou1 mou5 mat1 dim2 sik6 gwo3.)
(英) She is busy for the whole day and hasn't eaten much.
(粵) 你等佢忙完緊要嘢先搵佢啦。 (nei5 dang2 keoi5 mong4 jyun4 gan2 jiu3 je5 sin1 wan2 keoi5 laa1.)
(英) You'd better find her after she finishes being busy doing important things.
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