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解釋 #1
讀音: mong4
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 好多嘢做,冇空閒、休息嘅時間
(英文) to be busy; to be tied up
(粵) nei5ni1paai4mong4di1me1ne1?
(英) What are you busy with lately?
(粵) ni1paai4ging6do1je5zou6ngo5zan1hai6hou2mong4
(英) I have a lot to do recently, I'm really tied up.
(粵) ngo5mong4gan2gung1fo3aa3m4hou2zo2zyu6ngo5laa1
(英) I am busy with my assignments, please don't bother me.
(粵) keoi5mong4zo2seng4jat6je5dou1mou5mat1dim2sik6gwo3
(英) She is busy for the whole day and hasn't eaten much.
(粵) nei5dang2keoi5mong4jyun4gan2jiu3je5sin1wan2keoi5laa1
(英) You'd better find her after she finishes being busy doing important things.
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