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解釋 #1
讀音: gu1 po4 uk1
詞性: 名詞
(廣東話) 一班老姑婆為咗互相照應而合住嘅屋;引申指女人打算用嚟終老嘅地方(但唔一定係同人合住);通常話人住「姑婆屋」都有暗諷人或自嘲嫁唔出或者梳起唔嫁嘅意味(量詞:間)
(英文) spinster house; a shared home for old women unlikely to get married, literally "old ladies' home"; by extension a place where unmarried women spend their remaining years (either alone or sharing with others); when referred to, it is often not about the place itself, but rather to point out that the women in question are unlikely going to get married, often used in a satirical, joking or self-deprecating manner
(粵) 佢三十幾歲都嫁唔出,睇嚟都要買定姑婆屋喇。 (keoi5 saam1 sap6 gei2 seoi3 dou1 gaa3 m4 coet1, tai2 lai4 dou1 jiu3 maai5 ding6 gu1 po4 uk1 laa3.)
(英) She's well over 30 and still hasn't been able to get married. It looks like she'll have to buy herself a spinster house.
(粵) 佢哋幾個女仔感情好好㗎,仲成日講笑話第日一齊買間姑婆屋添! (keoi5 dei6 gei2 go3 neoi5 zai2 gam2 cing4 hou2 hou2 gaa3, zung6 sing4 jat6 gong2 siu3 waa6 dai6 jat6 jat1 cai4 maai5 gaan1 gu1 po4 uk1 tim1!)
(英) Those girls are very close, they're always joking that someday they're going to buy a spinster house and live together [unmarried].
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