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解釋 #1
讀音: tin1 dei6 tong4
詞性: 名詞
標籤: 潮語 術語
(廣東話) 大學生用語,即係朝早同晏晝先有堂,中間一大段時間冇堂上;有時會簡稱做「天地」
(英文) (university student slang) to have a class in the early morning and then to have to wait for the next class in the late afternoon, literally "sky and earth lessons"
(粵) 我寧願神柱有day off,都好過硬食天地堂。 (ngo5 ning4 jyun2 san4 cyu5 jau5 dei1 off, dou1 hou2 gwo3 ngaang6 sik6 tin1 dei6 tong4.)
(英) I would rather have a tight schedule from day to night with at least a day off, than have to attend classes separately in the early morning and the late afternoon.
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