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「囉 / 咯」

解釋 #1
  • lo3
  • lo3
  • lo3
詞性: 助詞
  1. (廣東話) 用喺助詞「」、「」或者「」前面,「」嘅變音
    (英文) an alternative pronunciation for the particle laa3 before the particles wo3, bo3 or ho2
    (粵) 好囉喎! (hou2 lo3 wo3!)
    (英) Hey, enough already!

  2. (廣東話) 知道、聽到、見到變化或者事件嘅時候,用嚟表達自己對件事係好係壞嘅判斷
    (英文) used to express judgement of whether something is good or bad, when one comes to know of it
    (粵) 好囉,做完喇! (hou2 lo3, zou6 jyun4 laa3!)
    (英) Great, you've completed it.
    (粵) 弊囉,唔見晒啲嘢。 (bai6 lo3, m4 gin3 saai3 di1 je5.)
    (英) That must be terrible, having lost everything.
    (粵) 咁多好嘢食,開心死佢囉! (gam3 do1 hou2 je5 sik6, hoi1 sam1 sei2 keoi5 lo3.)
    (英) There's so much good food. He'll be thrilled to death.
    (粵) 該煨囉! (goi1 wui1 lo3!)
    (英) How terrible!

  3. (廣東話) 喺狀況有轉變嘅時候,用嚟帶出自己覺得理所當然嘅決定
    (英文) used to state what the speaker believes is obvious after a change in circumstances
    (粵) 唔要囉,我好飽喇。 (m4 jiu3 lo3, ngo5 hou2 baau2 laa3.)
    (英) No more for me. I'm full.
    (粵) 走囉,再唔走就冇車喇。 (zau2 lo3, zoi3 m4 zau2 zau6 mou5 ce1 laa3.)
    (英) I'm / We're leaving now. Otherwise I'll / we'll miss the last bus / train / minibus / tram.

  4. (廣東話) 邀請對方一齊做啲嘢
    (英文) "shall we"; used to gently suggest doing something together
    (粵) 落街行下囉? (lok6 gaai1 haang4 haa5 lo3?)
    (英) Shall we go out for a walk?
    (粵) 開始囉? (hoi1 ci2 lo3?)
    (英) Shall we begin?

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解釋 #2
讀音: lok3
詞性: 助詞
  1. (廣東話) 用嚟覆述自己或者人哋講過嘅嘢,唔耐煩嗰時用
    (英文) I said; it was said that; you (the hearer) should have already understood; used at the end of an utterance when repeating an earlier quote; also suggests that the speaker is impatient
    (粵) 都話唔要咯。 (dou1 waa6 m4 jiu3 lok3.)
    (英) I said I don't need it.

  2. (廣東話) 用作反駁,通常同副詞「」連用
    (英文) used to refute; usually with the adverb gau3
    (粵) 獎盃之嘛,我夠有咯。 (zoeng2 bui1 zi1 maa3, ngo5 gau3 jau5 lok3.)
    (英) Trophies? Oh, come on, I've got some too.
    (粵) 你話我蠢才,我夠話你白癡咯。 (nei5 waa6 ngo5 ceon2 coi4, ngo5 gau3 waa6 nei5 baak6 ci1 lok3.)
    (英) You say I'm a fool? I say you're an idiot.
    (粵) 我夠係佢同學咯,又唔見佢咁好心機教我? (ngo5 gau3 hai6 keoi5 tung4 hok3 lok3, jau5 m4 gin3 keoi5 gam3 hou2 sam1 gei1 gaau3 ngo5?)
    (英) I'm her classmate too, but why doesn't she teach me that wholeheartedly?

  3. (廣東話) 放喺複句嘅上句入面,上接理由,下接後續嘅行動
    (英文) so, therefore
    (粵) 我見個個都未走咯,我咪繼續做嘢囉。 (ngo5 gin3 go3 go3 dou1 mei6 zau2 lok3, ngo5 mai6 gai3 zuk6 zou6 je5 lo1.)
    (英) Everyone was still there, so I continued to work.

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