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解釋 #1
讀音: fan1 sam1
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 同時關注多過一樣嘢,唔可以專心其中一樣
(英文) (of one's attention) to distract; to be distracted
(粵) 佢做起嘢上嚟絕對唔會分心。 (keoi5 zou6 hei2 je5 soeng5 lai4 zyut6 deoi3 m4 wui5 fan1 sam1.)
(英) He will never be distracted when he is working.
(粵) 啱啱分咗心,冇聽佢講嘢。 (ngaam1 ngaam1 fan1 zo2 sam1, mou5 teng1 keoi5 gong2 je5.)
(英) I was distracted just now and I didn't listen to what he said.
(粵) 我唔阻住你喇,驚分你心。 (ngo5 m4 zo2 zyu6 nei5 laa3, geng1 fan1 nei5 sam1.)
(英) I will leave you alone then. I'm afraid I will distract you.
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