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解釋 #1
讀音: hung1 do1 gat1 siu2
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 一件事嘅結果趨向負面
(英文) to bode ill rather than well; to be fraught with grim possibilities; to be believed to be dead; literally, unfortunate happenings supersede the fortunate ones
(粵) 咁耐都冇佢哋嘅消息,恐怕都凶多吉少喇。 (gam3 noi6 dou1 mou5 keoi5 dei6 ge3 siu1 sik1, hung2 paa3 dou1 hung1 do1 gat1 siu2 laa3.)
(英) We got no news so far. I'm afraid they might be dead.
(粵) 考試冇溫書,凶多吉少啦今次。 (haau2 si5 mou5 wan1 syu1, hung1 do1 gat1 siu2 laa1 gam1 ci3.)
(英) I didn't do my revision before the exam. I am gonna be screwed.
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