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「冇搭霎 / 冇傝𠎷」

解釋 #1
  • 冇搭霎 mou5 daap3 saap3
  • 冇傝𠎷 mou5 daap3 saap3
  • 冇答颯 mou5 daap3 saap3
詞性: 形容詞
(廣東話) 辦事唔可靠、冇交代;為人不負責任;待人接物有失分寸
(英文) unreliable, unaccountable, irresponsible, lacking of propriety
(粵) 佢做嘢好冇搭霎,你最好跟緊啲。 (keoi5 zou6 je5 hou2 mou5 daap3 saap3, nei5 zeoi3 hou2 gan1 gan2 di1.)
(英) He is quite irresponsible. You'd better keep following up with him.
(粵) 叫佢星期一前做完,今日先至話佢唔記得做。真係冇嚟搭霎! (giu3 keoi5 sing1 kei4 jat1 cin4 zou6 jyun4, gam1 jat6 sin1 zi3 waa6 keoi5 m4 gei3 dak1 zou6. zan1 hai6 mou5 lei4 daap3 saap3!)
(英) I asked him to finish it before Monday, and only today he told me he totally forgot about it. He's such an unreliable person.
(粵) 你都冇嚟搭霎嘅,話咗會做又唔去做。 (nei5 dou1 mou5 lei4 daap3 saap1 ge3, waa6 zo2 wui5 zou6 jau6 m4 heoi3 zou6.)
(英) You're very irresponsible. You haven't done what you said you would.
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