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解釋 #1
讀音: keoi5 , heoi5
詞性: 代詞
  1. (廣東話) 第三人稱代名詞(通常指人或者動物,好少講死物)
    (英文) he, she, him, her; it (usually for animate objects, i.e. humans or animals, less likely for non-animate objects)
    (粵) 佢條裙好靚。 (keoi5 tiu4 kwan4 hou2 leng3.)
    (英) Her dress is beautiful.
    (粵) 佢好懶。 (keoi5 hou2 laan5.)
    (英) He is a lazy person.

  2. (廣東話) 加喺帶有完成嘅意思動詞短語後面,表達祈使、命令、承諾、決意
    (英文) added after the verb phrase (that pertains to a sense of completion) in a request, order, promise or declaration
    (粵) 同我睇晒啲書佢! (tung4 ngo5 tai2 saai3 di1 syu1 keoi5!)
    (英) Read all the books!
    (粵) 你做晒啲嘢佢先好走呀! (nei5 zou6 saai3 di1 je5 keoi5 sin1 hou2 zau2 aa3!)
    (英) Make sure you have everything done before you leave!
    (粵) 你死撚咗佢啦! (nei5 sei2 lan2 zo2 keoi5 laa1!)
    (英) Go kill yourself!
    (粵) 幫我睇睇佢吖! (bong1 ngo5 tai2 tai2 keoi5 aa1!)
    (英) Please help me take a look!

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