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解釋 #1
讀音: soeng5 wai2
詞性: 動詞
(廣東話) 爬上高位,得到器重;引申指做咗啲事引起廣泛關注,或者俾人捧紅
(英文) to move up the corporate ladder; to be regarded highly; figuratively, to be made famous or to have drawn attention widely
(粵) 佢入咗呢間公司之後,即刻勁快上位。 (keoi5 jap6 zo2 ni1 gaan1 gung1 si1 zi1 hau6, zik1 hak1 ging6 faai3 soeng5 wai2.)
(英) Once he entered the company, he moved rapidly up the corporate ladder.
(粵) 佢用兩年時間就可以坐正做女主角,上位上得真係快。 (keoi5 jung6 loeng5 nin4 si4 gaan3 zau6 ho2 ji5 co5 zeng3 zou6 neoi5 zyu2 gok3, soeng5 wai2 soeng5 dak1 zan1 hai6 faai3.)
(英) Just two years after her debut, she has managed to become the leading actress in a film. She made it big fast.
(粵) 你上咗位之後唔好唔識人呀,要飲水思源。 (nei5 soeng5 zo2 wai2 zi1 hau6 m4 hou2 m4 sik1 jan4 aa3, jiu3 jam2 seoi2 si1 jyun4.)
(英) If you become famous one day, don't act like you don't know everybody anymore. Be grateful for everything you've been given.
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