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解釋 #1
讀音: saam1 fuk1 pei5 , saam1 fuk1 pei3
詞性: 名詞
(廣東話) 重覆、了無新意嘅內容
(英文) same things unnecessarily repeated over and over; literally 'three quilts'
(粵) 佢講嚟講去咪又係三幅被。 (keoi5 gong2 lai4 gong2 heoi3 mai6 jau6 hai6 saam1 fuk1 pei5.)
(英) No matter how much he talks about it, he is just repeating himself.
(粵) 雙方嘅論點得嗰三幅被,無咩新嘅理據。 (soeng1 fong1 ge3 leon6 dim2 dak1 go2 saam1 fuk1 pei5, mou5 me1 san1 ge3 lei5 geoi3.)
(英) The arguments on both sides are just repetition of their previous points. No new points are introduced.
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