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解釋 #1
讀音: jat1 jin4 ging1 sing2 mung6 zung1 jan4
詞性: 語句
(廣東話) 一句說話就解決咗困惑,或者提醒人某樣嘢,如夢初醒
(英文) used to describe a person suddenly becoming clear-mided upon listening to a word of wisdom; a saying wakes up one from one's ignorance; literally: one sentence wakening someone in dream
(粵) 你真係一言驚醒夢中人啊!點解我唔直接叫阿明約佢呢?佢兩個識加嘛! (nei5 zan1 hai6 jat1 jin4 ging1 sing2 mung6 zung1 jan4 aa3! dim2 gaai2 ngo5 m4 zik6 zip3 giu3 aa3 ming4 joek3 keoi5 ne1? keoi5 loeng5 go3 sik1 gaa1 maa3!)
(英) You've made a point precisely and concisely! Why don't I ask Ming to date her straight? They know each other!
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