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解釋 #1
讀音: jat1 si4 m4 tau1 gai1 zau6 zou6 bou2 zoeng2
詞性: 語句
標籤: 俚語
(廣東話) 形容一個平時做開衰嘢嘅人,偶然做咗件好事或者唔做衰嘢,就引以為傲兼引以為例,周圍教訓人
(英文) used to criticise or to tease someone who has a long history of frequent mischief, but is absurdly proud of having done something decent for once or of a transient pause of his streak of malevolence; literally: just for once one does not steal a chicken, one becomes the head of the clan
(粵) 佢兩兄弟成日狗咬狗骨。個阿哥成年先去老人院探佢阿媽一次,一時唔偷雞就做保長,話個細佬不孝。 (keoi5 loeng5 hing1 dai6 seng4 jat6 gau2 ngaau5 gau2 gwat1. go3 aa3 go1 seng4 nin4 sin1 heoi3 lou5 jan4 jyun2 taam3 keoi5 aa3 maa1 jat1 ci3, jat1 si4 m4 tau1 gai1 zau6 zou6 bou2 zoeng2, waa6 go3 sai3 lou2 bat1 haau3.)
(英) The two of the brothers are always fighting. The older one visited his mother in the retirement home merely once a year, and self righteously, took it upon himself to call his brother an ingrate.
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