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「一嚿飯 / 成嚿飯」

解釋 #1
  • 一嚿飯 jat1 gau6 faan6
  • 成嚿飯 seng4 gau6 faan6
詞性: 名詞
標籤: 俚語
(廣東話) 蠢人、反應遲鈍嘅人、做嘢唔醒目嘅人
(英文) a stupid or unresponsive person; somebody that is unmotivated and not bright; literally: a lump of rice
(粵) 喂,打到嚟喇,你仲一嚿飯咁。 (wai3, daa2 dou3 lai4 laa3, nei5 zung6 jat1 gau6 faan6 gam2.)
(英) Hey, the enemies are storming the gate, why are you still not responsive?
(粵) 唔好成嚿飯咁,幫下我手啦。 (m4 hou2 seng4 gau6 faan6 gam2, bong1 haa5 ngo5 sau2 laa1.)
(英) Don't just stand there, come and help me out.
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